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3D Hollow Nonwovens Punching Machine
3D Hollow Nonwovens Punching Machine
Non-woven drilling machine is divided into hot needle drilling and cold needle punching two, hot needle type: is suitable for many thermoplastic foil, and polyethylene-containing high non-woven fabrics, must be used to ensure...
Ultrasonic compound machine
Ultrasonic compound machine
Also known as ultrasonic gouge machine, ultrasonic chisel sewing machine, the use of high-frequency vibration wave to two or more parts of the material to be welded, in the case of pressure...
Big core advantage15 years experience to create a stable and efficient ultrasonic machinery assured choice
  • 01Years Of Experience
  • 02Quality raw materials
  • 03Multi-quality inspection
  • 04On time
  • Years of experience and powerfulOur company has 15 years of experience in the ultrasonic and mechanical industry can give customers a comprehensive program and recommendations, technical equipment, I developed the non-woven drilling machine, non-woven composite machine, ultrasonic cutting machine are more perfect industry, Simple, time-saving and more advanced machinery and equipment
    High quality raw materials · Check from the sourceFrom the raw materials selection we use imported raw materials to strictly control the refinement of the production process of fine into the slightest grasp of each link, our core parts were used in Japan, Taiwan, West Germany imports to ensure that machinery and equipment stable, reliable and efficient long Time to run
    Strict quality inspection · more quality inspectionEquipment manufacturing process we maintain a rigorous and pragmatic style, uphold the advanced technology, the principle of fast service, in the design to break through and innovation, and has advanced testing equipment, strict control of the quality of equipment, and carefully build "JieDa" brand
    Shipping carefully · on time deliveryShipping the entire video capture into the U disk with the customer, do not miss any of the details and items to ensure the safety of goods shipped and maximize the interests of customers, strict compliance with the delivery cycle, no delay time
    Let you rest assured, worry, comfortable
    save worry
    One-stop choice, more peace of mind
    Independent research and development, production, sales, maintenance of one-stop service, eliminating the trouble of your process running around
    save money
    No intermediate difference, save money
    All quotes are manufacturers uniform offer, manufacturers direct sales, no intermediate price, price transparency by the government regulation, saving money
    Stable performance, simple operation
    Mechanical equipment stable, reliable and efficient long-term operation, the industry is relatively perfect, simple operation, saving time and effort of the equipment
    rest assured
    24 hours after-sales service
    The company is equipped with a group of skilled and experienced technical staff to provide customers with all-weather, wholeheartedly, all-round, the whole process of service
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    about us
    Dongguan City JieDa Ultrasonic Equipment Technology Co., Ltd Is a professional to ultrasonic generator production as the core, to the surrounding equipment design, development, production and sales of radiation targets for the growth of enterprises.The company mainly produces ultrasonic-powered machinery and equipment such as: non-woven fabrics industry's major non-standard equipment non-woven punching machine, non-woven ultrasonic laminating machine...
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    Ultrasonic welding machine common problems
    Ultrasonic welding machine welding problems First, excessive welding. Reason: the input of plastic pieces of energy too much solution...