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Repairing Technique of Ultrasonic Spot Welder

Repairing Technique of Ultrasonic Spot Welder
Due to improper use or because of the ultrasonic spot welding machine itself, it is inevitable when there is a failure, then encountered this situation how do we do? How to make maintenance seem simple, more efficient? Xiaobian summed up the ultrasonic spot welding machine maintenance of some basic principles for your reference:
1, the first move after the hands
For faulty ultrasonic spot welding machine, do not rush to repair, should first ask the fault before and after the failure and failure. For not familiar with the ultrasonic spot welding machine, should also be familiar with the circuit principle and structural characteristics, to comply with the appropriate rules! Before the demolition, be fully familiar with the function, location, connection and other parts of the electrical parts of the relationship, in the absence of assembly diagram, should be demolished, while sketching, and mark the mark to facilitate the follow-up work, Avoid mistakes.
2, the first external after the internal
Before repair, you should first check the maintenance of the ultrasonic spot welding machine with no obvious maintenance history, the situation when the ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic mold temperature, service life, and so on, and then check the machine. Before the demolition should be excluded from the surrounding fault factors, identified as the ultrasonic spot welding machine after the internal failure to disassemble. Otherwise blindly disassembled, may repair the equipment worse.
3, the first mechanical electrical
First of all, you must first remove the ultrasonic mold problems, and then the electrical aspects of the inspection. Check the circuit failure, you should use the detection equipment to find fault location, to confirm no contact failure, and then targeted to see the relationship between the operation of lines and machinery to avoid misjudgment.
4, the first static after the dynamic
When the device is not powered, first determine the electrical equipment buttons, contactors, relays and the fuse is good or bad, to determine the fault where. Power test, listen to the sound, touch, test parameters, to determine the fault, and finally maintenance.
5, the first cleaning after maintenance
For heavy-duty ultrasonic spotters, first check the buttons, wiring points and contact points to check if the external control keys are malfunctioning. Many failures are caused by dirty and dusty and conductive, and a cleaning failure is often ruled out.
6, the first power amplifier board equipment
Ultrasonic spot welding machine power amplifier part of the failure rate in the entire ultrasound equipment accounted for a high proportion, so the first maintenance of the ultrasonic generator power amplification part can often be more with less.
7, the first special after the special
Due to the quality of assembly parts or manufacturing process caused by the failure, generally accounted for about 50% of common failures. Ultrasonic equipment failure for the hard failure, be careful to check the problem is easy to boot experiment.
8, the first external after the internal
Do not rush to replace the damaged electrical parts, in the confirmation of the external device circuit is normal, and then consider replacing the damaged electrical parts.
9, after the first debugging
In some cases, all the original damage are changed, but still not normal, it is necessary to check the protection of the system debugging problems, the current protection, frequency protection, provided that the FM inductance must be in the right place, if Deviation from the normal position too far, in the course of debugging may damage the amplifier board, before debugging must be rotated to the normal position.