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Characteristics of Ultrasonic Slitting Machine

Machine Features:
1. Imported frequency conversion control system, stable and reliable;
2. Mechanical structure is strong, high-speed operation of high stability, effectively improve the mechanical durability and its service life;
3. Fast, high productivity;
4. Cut the cloth smooth, accurate;
5. Feeding process evenly, to improve the smooth and clean incision, and more energy efficient;
6. Machine models are widely diverse, can be tailored according to demand;
7. Oblique angle can be adjusted according to need.
8. The use of Japan's automatic tracking correction system and constant tension control tracking system, the check edge, center, on the line and constant tension control, high sensitivity (minimum 0.01 ~ 0.05), the quality and effect is very good;
9. Energy-saving, direct use of sub-cutting tool for electronic temperature control design, there is no thermal conductivity intermediary, greatly reducing the energy loss, thereby improving energy efficiency. At the same time the use of electronic temperature control, to process different types and thickness of the fabric, and then expand the scope of processing fabrics and types of cloth;
10. The width of the fabric processing can be (10mm to 1600mm range) stepless adjustment;
11. With automatic inspection and regulation of fabric expansion system, the various fabrics can be adjusted for the corresponding tension, so that the strip after the effect of better and better;
12. The use of all-electronic program control, a high degree of automation, easy operation, the use of safe, stable and reliable, long life;
13. There is a static elimination device system.
1. Production imitation ribbon mark, trademark, can be cut, thick side of a forming, incision solid, beautiful, ribbon simulation more
2. Ribbon width can be adjusted, greatly reducing the cost of the mold
3. Applicable products: clothing marks, trademark gift packaging, clothing packaging, stationery and bookmarks, etc.
High precision: use the sensor to track the location of the trademark tracking and positioning
Antistatic: equipped with anti-static device, can eliminate the large number of static electricity generated when cutting off the trademark
High quality: the use of ultrasonic cutting, cutting surface smooth, soft, not scattered
Automatic pause: Once the material runs out, it will automatically stop working
Memory function: before closing off the front of the head, automatically set the parameters set by the length and the number of cutting