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Basic Principle and Characteristics of Ultrasonic Compound

Ultrasonic composite basic principles:
Ultrasonic complex machine, also known as ultrasonic screw cotton machine, ultrasonic sewing machine, the use of high-frequency vibration wave to two or more materials to be welded surface, in the case of pressure, the material surface friction with each other to form a molecular layer The fusion between the fabric and the fabric, cloth and chemical fiber cotton, plastic film and plastic film and other materials, fabrics and spray cotton, non-woven fabrics, sponge and other materials welding, thus completing the welding. Its advantages are fast, energy saving, high fusion strength, good conductivity, no spark, close to cold processing.
Composite features:
1. To change the traditional sewing process of sewing, the use of automatic ultrasonic wireless suture, improve production efficiency, eliminating the need for frequent needle for the trouble, wide by the customer
2. The use of wheel mold, mold for easy, can produce a variety of patterns and complex non-continuous and symmetrical flower (flower can be produced according to customer requirements)
3. According to the different welding materials can be achieved after the non-seepage, more waterproof effect.
4. Special design plus tension control to ensure that the winding formation, and die horizontal movement device, with the work fabric adjustment.
Machine main parameters:
Model JD-1600
Frequency 20KHz
Power supply 220V 50KHz
Total power 13 (KW) peak
Welding maximum width of 1050mm
Air Compressed Air (5MPA)
Rack material steel plate connection
Ultrasonic system 5 sets
Ultrasonic mold with special steel mold
Start mode Drive adjustment
Production capacity 0-18 m / min
Machine dimensions 5700 * 3570 * 6100 (in kind)
Weight 1200kg
Flower roller length, pattern can be customized according to customer requirements