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The Structure and Characteristics of Non - woven Punching Machine

Non-woven drilling machine is divided into hot needle drilling and cold needle punching two, hot needle type: is suitable for many thermoplastic foil, and polyethylene-containing high non-woven fabrics, must be used to ensure that the hole Hole of the perfect, three-dimensional sense. Improve the tensile strength of the perforated material. Hot needle perforation is used for non-woven fabrics, women's sanitary napkins, pads, baby diaper, medical health materials and other disposable health supplies preferred materials. Cold needle type: cold needle type is a simple simple needle into a mesh, usually shaped like "crater shape" applied in many industries, such as water / steam / moisture control. Cold needle holes are commonly used on paper foils and PE films.
Non-woven fabrics by the mechanical equipment perforation compound, the three-dimensional sense of strong, after processing to non-woven feel and feel a great improvement. Has a very comfortable skin feeling, fluffy, soft and dry, to overcome the stimulation of the skin, so that blood and water and other liquid one-way rapid infiltration is not liquid, to achieve real instantaneous suction function, excellent breathable and permeable effect.
Equipment structure:
Air tension shaft tension release device, automatic tension controller control discharge volume tension, uniform speed, non-woven non-wrinkle; heated convex and convex roller punching device, high-power heating wire heating rod, intelligent temperature control equipment to control the temperature, Can be adjusted according to the actual material temperature; ultrasonic composite equipment, non-woven after heating die roll pattern, with another layer of non-woven composite, enhanced non-woven pattern of three-dimensional, free to pull deformation; Device, double-bit automatic winding, automatic roll cutting device, high production efficiency, simple operation, easy to adjust. Integrated machine, electricity, gas integration.
Machine Features:
1. Many holes, according to the requirements of the customer line size and color customization.
2. Suitable for wide material, PP imitation stick, staple hot-rolled non-woven fabrics, staple hot air non-woven fabrics can be.
3. produced three-dimensional sense of strong, feel good, uniform hole, good flexibility, self-defense effect is good, to enhance product quality.
4. Machine operation is simple, long working hours, single person can operate.
5. Sample pattern width of 200mm (can be customized according to actual requirements)
6. Large racks are beautiful and durable.
7. Model appearance function can be customized according to customer requirements.