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Maintenance method of ultrasonic mask machine

Maintenance method of ultrasonic mask machine
First of all, the maintenance of automatic ultrasonic mask machine can greatly delay the speed of ultrasonic masks machine to reduce the accuracy of the mask machine to reduce the accuracy of the main performance in the mask parts of the plastic deformation of the two aspects, due to the grinding and deformation of components, The movement relationship (time and movement) is destroyed, so that the accuracy of the mask machine is reduced. Practical experience has proved that the speed of the mask is not much faster than the maintenance of the mask machine without maintenance or improper maintenance.
Second, a good mask machine maintenance can improve the utilization of the mask machine, ultrasonic mask machine to reduce the accuracy in addition to normal factors, but also with a lot of very important factors, such as the machine with disease operation, poor maintenance mask precision damage is relatively large, And thus have to often stop maintenance, so that production affected. In addition, good ultrasonic mask machine maintenance can extend the life of the ultrasonic mask machine, ultrasonic mask parts wear and deformation is inevitable, the ultimate purpose of ultrasonic mask maintenance is to make the machine in a normal state of precision, while extending this as much as possible process. The importance of maintenance determines the maintenance of ultrasonic equipment is an important task in the daily equipment management, the task is good to complete the human factors, such as the subjective initiative can not get enough to play, to maintain the existing machinery Equipment is clearly not possible, we must use a scientific attitude to understand the importance of maintenance, to respect science, believe in science.
The following: from these aspects to talk about the maintenance of ultrasonic mask machine
1. Strengthen operator management. The quality of the operator determines the quality of the automatic maintenance of the level of the mask, so first of all to improve the technical level of the operator, the operator will have such knowledge. There is a basic understanding of the structure of the automatic masks machine, there is a deep understanding of the daily maintenance and understanding, to know why the mask machine maintenance: the nature of some of the mechanical failure can be understood, so the staff strictly Pre-job training, just the staff should do some of the mask machine maintenance work. In the case of
(1) the establishment of a strict implementation of the system, the award of fine lazy, because the mask machine maintenance is a very complex work, need patience, meticulous, not hasty to engage in, there is no strict rules and regulations machine maintenance is impossible.
(2) to strengthen the importance of maintenance education Ultrasonic mask machine maintenance is the daily work of workers, easy to make them feel irritable, it is necessary to strengthen the education of workers, so that the importance of this issue in mind, and reflect In the day-to-day work of the interest, in addition to the importance of the maintenance of the operator to maintain the importance of education, but also to strengthen the management of personnel in this area to strengthen this education, in this regard to prevent the interference of outsiders, The
2. Take scientific means to strengthen the machine maintenance. Maintenance of ultrasonic mask machine must take scientific means, so as to make the ultrasonic mask machine to be maintained, so to use all the conditions can be used to improve the scientific and technological awareness of workers.
(1) the establishment of ultrasonic mask machine maintenance regulations and regulations, must be done rules to follow, the general maintenance of ultrasonic mask machine should be based on the machine instructions. Such as regular refueling, cleaning filters, regularly on the ultrasonic machine, the accuracy of the ultrasonic mask on a regular basis to detect, in order to determine the ultrasonic mask machine repair, repair parts. These regulations should be posted next to the ultrasonic mask machine so that the operator is often reminded.
(2) to strengthen the maintenance of key components such as gears, screws, sprockets, bearings and other parts of the mechanical parts of the most important changes in their accuracy means that the quality of production changes. Of course not to say that other parts can be reduced because of their precision changes. Of course not to mention the maintenance of other parts can be reduced requirements.
(3) to carry out technical reform, to strengthen the automatic mask machine maintenance. Because the design of the automatic masks machine in the circuit and machinery are not any conflict or interference, especially for ultrasound, so those who benefit the automatic masks the maintenance of the structure to be improved or take remedial measures. In short, the mask machine maintenance from the date of installation of the machine to be implemented until the mask machine scrapped so far.