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The Development History and Present Situation of Bag Making Machine

In recent years, the industry's automation needs continue to rise, at present, in China's development space is huge. China's packaging industry, although the annual growth rate ranked first in the traditional industry, but with the international market, we must speed up the packaging technology development, to the economic, efficient and multi-functional direction. High-speed bag machine as an important member of the packaging machinery industry in China, the pace of rapid development.
The Development History and Present Situation of Chinese Bag Making Machine
China's bag machine from research and development, application to the development of only 20 years of history, it is based on the introduction of Japanese equipment, through the PCB copy board digestion and absorption, from the initial production of only 400 mm wide, only 20 per minute Rice bag machine equipment, to the current production capacity can be 150 meters per minute, the width of 1000 mm below the bag machine and a variety of more than 100 pieces of automatic bag machine for the domestic soft packaging industry to provide a large number of development equipment. However, in recent years, with the growth of demand, China still need to introduce a large number of imported bags in Japan and other places. This also means that we have a large gap between the bag machine and the foreign advanced countries.
The Characteristics of Competition of Bag Making Machine and the Direction of Copy
Throughout the domestic and foreign most advanced fully automated packaging bag machine equipment competition, the most important thing is the efficiency of equipment competition, that is, high-speed, efficient features of the competition. Used in flexible packaging bag machine equipment is set machine, electricity, light, gas as a whole, highly mechanized, automation is an important direction for its development. Requiring high-speed, high efficiency to reduce the cost of the target product, requiring high flexibility and flexibility to adapt to changes in target products. Therefore, the flexible packaging bag machine equipment in the choice of copy board target, when the high-speed, high efficiency as a reference, and on this basis for PCB board, hardware and software secondary development and upgrading, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of equipment.
The Bottleneck and Key of PCB Making Machine
However, at home and abroad in the closure of automatic bag machine advanced equipment, a variety of technical parameters have been almost the same, and the main difference in the domestic equipment in the machine running speed. But to simply improve the operation speed of equipment to improve the efficiency of the way the device has no room for the most advanced equipment are stuck at 12000P per hour, the bottleneck of the performance of the device.
Therefore, the focus of high-speed bag machine research is not just simply improve the speed of equipment, but to further provide equipment efficiency, equipment to maintain a higher speed, more efficient and industrial production and application.