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The working principle and advantages of ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic cutting machine is the use of ultrasonic welding technology combined with the traditional shear in the ultrasonic generator work, the ultrasonic energy through the ultrasonic transducer to the welding head and die with a sharp vibration friction, so as to achieve the effect of cutting , So that cutting products with a more beautiful, more solid, more efficient and efficient production advantages.
Advantages of editing
1: the use of ultrasonic cutting, incision complete and beautiful, trimming smooth and smooth, no flash, not scattered edge, excellent cutting effect.
2: The machine adopts PLC console automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision, fast, arbitrary adjustment of length and angle, automatic cutting, fast and efficient, easy to cut and efficient, and can cut more than one at the same time.
3: used for gift belt, strip nylon belt, strip ribbon and other cutting straight knife, oblique knife, dovetail and other shapes.
4. Ultrasonic machine frequency and power determined by the cutting ribbon.
5. Programmable Ultrasonic Cutting Machine for Ribbon Industry.
6. Cut off the web section does not change color, automatic sealing, no burr.
7. The use of special integrated circuit control stepper motor drive, can be pre-designed length of tape, tape speed and continuous cut the number of times.
Application scope editing
(7) forming, (8) printing, (9) cutting, (3) cutting, (2) patterning, (3) cutting, (4) Bronzing, (10) folding and printing, (11) welding wire fixed.
Ultrasonic Lace Machine, Applicable Material:
Chemical synthetic fiber fabric, or containing chemical fiber blended fabric, chemical film is also containing more than 30% of the weaving, can be processed into the required products, such as Nylon cloth, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, T / R cloth, (Polyester cloth), green onion cloth, multi-layer cloth, and a variety of paste from the film coated film coated film can be applied.
Applicable Products:
(4) car covers, (5) tents, (6) packing belts, (7) backpacks, travel belts, hand straps, (8) (10) toys, (11) gloves, (12) tablecloths, (13) seat covers, (14) quilt cover, (15) masks, (16) hair accessories, (17) jewelry, (18) Yang umbrella, (19) lampshade, (20) filter and so on.