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Application of Non - woven Glue Compound Machine

Application of Non - woven Glue Compound Machine
The machine is a non-woven spray laminating machine, used for textile, non-woven fabrics and other fabrics only compound, with a spray glue process, the adhesive evenly sprayed on the lining, the use of cold wheel and fan cooling The And then with the fabric to be pressed to make it one.
Application: Widely used in non-woven fabrics, breathable film, filter materials, clothing materials, medical isolation materials, special materials, composite.
Spray coating machine Introduction:
1. For a variety of composite film materials, such as: PE film, non-woven fabrics, BOPP, paper, PVC film, PP and so on.
2. Spray glue grams of 1-20g / ㎡, uniform, high precision.
3. According to different materials, different width and your request custom equipment.
4. The normal speed of 110 meters per minute, according to your request to design different speeds, up to 200 meters per minute.
5. Environmental protection, pollution-free, low consumption.
6. Touch screen operation interface, easy to operate.