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Ultrasonic welding head basic knowledge

First, what is the ultrasonic welding head:
Ultrasonic welding head is the general name of all ultrasonic transmitter, ultrasonic welding equipment is an indispensable part. Its role is to the ultrasonic transducer generated by the transducer to be processed objects. Because it is necessary to transmit ultrasonic, so the welding head must work in the resonant state, that is, its inherent resonant frequency to match with the transducer. Followed by the amplitude to be uniform, the shape of the end of the welding head to be welded to adapt to the shape of the workpiece.
Second, the ultrasonic welding head Material:
Titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, powder metallurgy steel
Third, the customization of ultrasonic welding head:
There are many customers are intuitive that the design and production of the welding head must be very simple. In fact, this is a misleading, when using a improperly processed or untrained welding head, will bring expensive losses to your production - it will destroy the welding effect, or even more serious will directly lead to the transducer or The design of the welding head so the design of the welding head is not as simple as its shape, on the contrary requires a lot of professional knowledge and skills - how to ensure that the welding head to convert the mechanical vibration of the transducer to effectively transfer to the workpiece, the formation of sustained Stable welding effect, we still firmly believe that only through rigorous testing and quality control to produce the best welding head, through the application of ultrasonic mold analysis software to simulate the actual working state of welding head, our engineers will welding head acoustic and mechanical properties Perfect combination, design the most in line with customer needs products.